The award-winning Always There Automotive has evolved to become a premier destination for all things automotive repair and service and now also supplies and fits tyres in Geelong, Anglesea, Grovedale and Lara. From a business that started out with one man working as a mobile mechanic in Geelong driveways and carparks, Always There Automotive now has its own impressive state-of-the-art workshop and a full team of specialist mechanics providing a complete range of vehicle services. From pre-purchase inspections and roadworthy certificates through to mechanical repairs and now tyre supply and fitting, Always There Automotive is there for you.

The tyres Geelong and surrounding drivers want

Always There Automotive specialises in Falken tyres but can also sources any tyre brands for clients who have special requirements or preferences of tyre choice. The Always There team have personally tested the Falken tyre range, using them on their personal vehicles while driving around Geelong as well as going on road trips all over Australia. That is why we consider ourselves experts on everything Falken and are happy to answer any questions you have regarding this amazing range of tyres.

Car, van, ute & 4×4 tyres

Tyres for cars, tyres for vans and utes, tyres for 4×4 vehicles and tyres for light commercial vehicles are Always There Automotive’s specialty – they leave trucks for the truck tyre specialists – and as well as supplying and fitting tyres, the team will happily provide advice and guidance to motorists unsure of the best choice for their budget.

Tyres are definitely one item where quality counts and making the right tyre choice for your vehicle can be the difference between a close call and tragic consequences. Always There Automotive’s mechanics don’t believe in guesswork or close enough being good enough. They’ve worked hard to establish their reputation among the leading providers of car servicing in Geelong and will make sure the tyres on clients’ vehicles provide the best grip, durability and safety available.

Geelong, Anglesea, Grovedale and Lara tyre supply & fitting

Branching into tyre supply and fitting in Geelong means Always There Automotive really does look after every part of your vehicle from the ground up, starting with the tyres.

Always There Automotive is Geelong’s premier Pulse supplier of Falken tyres, a tyre that leads the industry in performance and durability. We’re proud to be able to supply our customers with the best tyres available on the market for competitive prices.

And don’t worry, even if Always There Automotive’s mechanics discover your car, ute or van needs new tyres, they won’t do anything without first checking with you and making sure you’re happy for them to proceed.

When the rubber hits the road, make sure you’re driving on rubber supplied and fitted by the crew at Always There Automotive. Contact Always There Automotive to find out about its Geelong, Anglesea, Grovedale and Lara tyre supply and fitting and full range of mechanical services.